Upskilling cultural tourism operators in rural and/or deprived areas.

Cultural tourism is on the rise in the EU, with a significant number of tourists choosing their destination based on its cultural significance. However, in rural areas, small businesses in the tourism sector face challenges such as lack of cooperation and inadequate skills, qualifications and time for continuous learning.

A large percentage of this demography lack basic digital skills, which further hinders their ability to thrive in the sector or transition to other career paths.

Project Decode aims to breakdown trends, assess needs and re skill these cultural tourism operators, professionals, and volunteers in rural and/or deprived areas in Europe using hands-on digital tools that would enhance the skills and competencies on the go, anywhere – anytime.

Project Decode is a joint collaboration by

The Institute for Sustainable Education and Development, Bonn.Germany,
Dalpro.As, Hitra, Norway,
SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education, CyPrus.
Akadimos Lifelong Learning & Training Centre, Greece.
VEAV, Vienna. Austria

The consortium has developed four Interactive K3 level bite sized learning modules on Branding, Product Development, Networking and Communication, and Social media

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